Couple Mentor Journey - Being the visible sign of love for others

The Couple Mentor Journey

Transiting from single life to married life is a change that can be demanding. A whole mindset change in decisions to experience love and joy. Learn from couple mentors to live out love and responsibility. Build a firm foundation for a thriving family and make friends for life in this six-session, one-on-one couple journey.

Couples planning to get married should participate in Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) and/or Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) for their initial marriage preparation. Both CEE and MPC provide the core formation and tools for your journey in marriage. The Couple Mentor Journey (CMJ) serves participant couples to add to the building blocks of CEE and MPC by augmenting them.

Come for CMJ after your initial marriage preparation up to the first 2 years of your marriage and strengthen your relationship with your spouse as you continue your marriage journey. Take this opportunity to interact with your couple mentors and have intimate couple conversations with them. Your couple mentors will share and discuss through their experiences how to better live out your marriage vocation.

Pope Francis shares in his Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia (AL) that ‘the Church looks to the families who remain faithful to the teachings of the Gospel, encouraging them and thanking them for the testimony they offer. For they bear witness of marriage is indissoluble and perpetually faithful.’

Amoris Laetitia 86 (AL86)

CMJ is available at the parish level. With couple mentors from your parish, you will have the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging to the larger parish community.

Find out more about the journey by proceeding to the Couple Mentees page for more information and registration at your parish.

Perhaps, it will be good to hear from a couple who has participated in CMJ.

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