Couple Mentors

Like a baton, faith is passed down from generation to generation. Imagine a Church where experienced couples share the joys and struggles of married life with engaged and newly married couples, inspiring them to stay connected with the sacramental life of the parish. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore hopes to form couple mentors in every parish, who can and will journey with young couples and support them with their own stories and experience.

Proper preparation before receiving any Sacrament is crucial. The Couple Mentor Journey (CMJ) is a time for couples to dedicate more time to prepare for marriage and into their early years of marriage through the sharing from the lived experience of their couple mentors. CMJ provides engaged and newlywed couples with:

  • a stronger base for their marriage with continuous ‘live’ marriage preparation;
  • the opportunity to form relationships with their couple mentor; and
  • a connection to the faith life of the parish community.

CMJ runs on a flexible schedule as one can easily reschedule a session. The flexible format also allows one to decide how many courses to run a year; and how many couples per course (one-to-one is the ideal, but if you are more comfortable with a group of couples, go for it).

Be a couple mentor
Each married couple is a visible sign of God’s love for His people. Whether you are both Catholics or an interfaith couple, consider being a couple mentor; you will enrich not only the lives of another couple, but your own relationship as well. There are no perfect couples, yet we try our best to live out our vocation as faithful spouses. If you believe in the wonderful bond of marriage, have been married for at least five years, and wish to help younger couples build a fulfilling marriage by sharing your own joys and challenges of marital life, if you are rooted in love and committed to living out the Church’s teachings on marriage – you are ideal candidates to be couple mentors.